Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sports Ground

Last evening after six months of trying I managed to get Mendip's leisure officer to a meeting with the Cricket Club and Town and District councillors, to discuss the provision of a new cricket ground.

The Shepton Mallet Cricket Club (SMCC)play at Whitstone School, however, this has a small square, small boundaries, little opportunity to develop cricket in the town and many difficulties associated with managing a club at the same time as school use. Shepton Mallet Cricket Club are grateful for the schools support.

The District Council officer offered good contact details for SMCC, it was made clear that the club needed to construct a development plan, the club thought this agreeable, but felt there was a need for councils to give a committment for help.

The discussion widened to sports provision in the Town and the SMCC thought it may be acceptable to share a facility.

I offered to arrange a conference of local sports (shepton mallet), without raising expectations but to learn, and assess the need for future sports infastracture and capacity building to develop sports in Shepton.

This will help everyone to understand the need for extra provision and how sports clubs and local authorities can work together to make a wish become a reality.

It is incredible the lack of information local councils hold on the Towns sports clubs, so the first step is to gather information and contact details of individual sports clubs. So I would be grateful if you could post any Shepton sports club details on the comment section of this website.

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