Sunday, 1 April 2012

Misjudged, Misguided and time is running out

This week will prove to be a moment that the Labour Party should begin it's assault back to power.

After the misjudged and misguided budget, that ended any pretence of "we are all in this together", the Conservative government has struggled to appear coherent, this largely because their agenda is largely illegitimate and does not enjoy public support.

Last Sunday the Times newspaper reported the then Conservative fundraiser Peter Cruddas offering influence for government policy in return for a hearty cheque to Conservative Party funds.

The question needs to be answered what policies has this Conservative government implemented as a result of funding to that political party? NHS privatisation, Legal aid Cuts, Talk of lowering employment rights, Weak banking reforms? This to name just private heath care supporters, insurance funders, wealthy businessman or hedge fund and investment bankers who fund the Conservative Party.

So what fool in government thought it a good idea to politicise an industrial dispute between tanker drivers and their employers? The Conservatives took the view, that people like Unions less than their rich and powerful friends, so they thought this was an opportunity to turn the tables on Labour.

The fuel shortages that can be found on our petrol forecourts has been engineered in Downing Street by this Conservative government. Fances Maude calling for hoarding of petrol in jerry cans must have been advice from Jimmy Perry and David Croft, he must of aware this would cause panic, you didn't need corporal Jones to shout "don't panic", did he not know that like in 2000 the petrol retailers rely on "just in time" stocking, as soon as above average petrol sales are recorded then shortages will follow.

The government achieved chaos without a strike date announced and talks are ongoing and strengthened the negotiating position of the tanker drivers.

Whilst her Majesty's government was getting itself in a tangle over the heated pasty and VAT returns, the economy was in worse shape than we thought, the economy had shrunk by 0.3% in the last quarter of 2011, revised down, this in effect accounts for NO economic growth in the British economy since September 2010.

The OECD, George Osbournes favorite economic group, is predicting a further fall in UK growth of 0.1% in the first quarter of 2012, this would leave us in a double dip recession.

This recession again will come from Downing Street, the governments machine has smashed confidence of the average person, people are frightened and this has lead to a lack of consumption by people feeling unable to spend in the shops, on building, this due to unprecedented squeeze on peoples income. We are have been seeing high prices for food, energy, tax rises and cuts to government spending and low income rises.

So austerity is working? no growth in the economy, more personal debt.

This misguided government think it acceptable to cut tax credits to low paid workers and in some cases better off not working and then cut the taxes for the wealthiest in our society and tax cuts for inheritance tax for non-doms.

So we are all in this together? No we are not, we need a government for the millions not the millionaires, this government of Eton Rifles are on borrowed time.