Saturday, 13 February 2010

Getting more remote

I read that Mendip District Council have moved their/our Housing Benefit and Council Tax Queries function to Coventry 0845 300 3352, this is going to cause confusion for claimants, people who claim these benefits are on extremely low incomes, delay in paying usually leads to threatening letters from housing associations and private landlords.

It is my understanding these are cost saving measures.

As I reported earlier in the week, I had a meeting to discuss sporting facilities in the town, the leisure officer advised that the Mendips sports directory is online on their website, so when I searched the site, the search engine took me to a page with sports directory and no download, after many minutes of frustration I gave up, what a hopeless useless website.

Earlier, I have written of Mendip Council reducing their cutting of amenity grass to 10 cuts a year, then we have the Audit Commission says the District are slow in processing planning applications, and not doing enough help businesses in the recent recession.

Every week, or so it seems, Mendip Council performance is poor, it's information to the public is weak, the question I have, When is the District Council going to recognise they need to improve?

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