Tuesday, 13 April 2010


We had a couple of interesting presentations at the town council; one on cooperatives and the second by prof Gordon McDougall of the Musical Theatre School at the Academy.

There has to be a golden opportunity for communities such as ours to use our money to invest in our own communities, with financial institutions giving low returns, if people invested in community shares using the industrial provident model, we could allow much greater local control over our communities. Owning the local shops, giving flexibility that private landlords cannot give.

Prof Gordon McDougall gave a very full account of where the Musical Theatre School is at the present time, the school needs £20,000 to advertise for new students. The school now has validation for it's courses, it needs between 70 - 90 students to be viable, I get the feeling this school is at a crossroads, if it can raise the capital to invest, the future for this school looks bright, this could offer a new opportunity for the Town Centre. The Town Council would not support financially, but was happy to give warm words.

I tried to get the council to raise funding to the TIC to £5000, but alas i failed, again.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

An April on Service

The Service Committee meeting of the Town Council was held this evening.

There was a couple of interesting items;

  1. Somerset County Council and Mendip District Council have ended their funding of the footpath budget that gives the Town Council £220, for this the Town Council cuts the rural footpaths three times a year, no discussion, I called this principled authorities being able to reduce their support and leaving the parish council to pick up the tab.
  2. On the 26 March the District Council passed the Town Council planning application for the enhancement of our cenotaph, although they have rejected our choice of paving, it looks like it's going to cost between £20-30,000 extra. The Town Council will need to look at other sources of funding, possibly at the Tesco s106.
  3. The time is ticking on the Town Clock, the highway authority are now insisting that the work to erect the clock and fitting must be done out of working hours, this is costing an extra £800, we also have to find a new energy provider.
  4. As previously reported the by election will be held in June, this will cost the Town Council, this due to the third Conservative resignation/expulsion of this term.