Tuesday, 23 February 2010

community matters

What a lovely half term, family visited, so I gave the blog a miss, but I back.

Jane Sharp from the Mendip Council's economic team came to the community working party, committee, she told us about the information boards to be bought and put around the Town Centre, the Town Council have previously offered advice, some clearly not taken, it seemed to be a confused picture, they are to be directional with lots of town trail stuff, they need to have a clear focus.

The Market re-relaunch to be now 14 May, I again asked about the focus of market, seems a little fuzzy, seems the District Council just want as many stalls as possible, rather than building a identity for the new market.

I'm afraid the divorce between reality and our elected representatives continues a pace, the offender this time is our County Councillor, she says it's imperative that a pedestrian crossing should be installed at the Infants school in Waterloo Road, you'll be pleased to know the leader of the County Council also agrees and you'll be even happier to know our MP also agrees, so you would think they would tell us the timetable for this becoming reality, but surprise surprise no! but it is imperative! The really funny/sad thing is they have no money to repair damage around the Victorian fountain costing very little. So the £100K plus for the crossing should be interesting.

More seasoned readers will remember the same Conservative Councillor promised a pedestrian crossing in Charlton Rd by Whitstone school, she promised this would be done in 90 days, this was 984 days ago!

The Conservatives are trying to sell 1200 parcels of land in Shepton Mallet, I would suggest no one stands still for too long on council owned land, you may be sold. But seriously the Town needs community amenity land, surely we can not annexe every piece of land to be owned by private individuals.

The Town Clock moved a step further to be electrified, the community working group recommended a contractor.

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