Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Without a doubt the UK is better served remaining within the EU.

We live in challenging times and it is naive to believe we can solve the problems of our times without working with our partners and our European neighbours, the UK should be leading Europe not leaving.

The UK is an important partner in the EU with 3 million jobs depending on continuing membership, by being a member we can shape the rules of the single market, if we were leave we could still trade with the EU but we would have to agree to rules and tariffs set by foreign governments. We should not turn our back on free trade agreements.

Membership of the EU secures consumer protections that deliver lower prices at the supermarkets for families and we benefit when travelling in Europe with cheaper flights and phone calls.

The EU secures working protections for UK workers, safeguarding maximum working times, paid holidays and equal pay, securing parental leave and equal treatment for part time workers.

In an insecure world the UK has used it influence within the EU to make the world safer, we have secured greater intelligence sharing for security and the use of European Arrest warrants fighting terrorism.

Environmental problems do not respect national borders, this country's membership of the EU has been a crucial factor in shaping our approach to environmental protection, whether cleaner beaches, fuel efficient cars or holding government account on air pollution.

For the reasons above I will be urging everyone to vote to remain in the EU, together we are stronger in Europe.