Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Are you being Served

This evenings Service Committee discussed a few items I would like to report.

In Collett Park it would appear one of the paths in the picnic area has become dangerous and will be temporarily closed, I asked the clerk to bring a report with costings to replace to the next council meeting for a decision.

The Collett Park festival will be held on Saturday 12 June 2010, the theme of this year festival will be the 40th anniversary of st Paul's School.

The Town Council will spend £324 on the Shepton Mallet Town flags, so we can fly them every day, I can think of better things to spend our money on, so I voted against!

I have asked for a report to be brought to the next Town Council meeting on the costings for a seat and rubbish bin for the bus shelter in Rectory Road, this is much needed.

Finally, the Town Council has not been a Quality Parish for three years, after not reapplying, not consulting with the people of Shepton. This Quality status was meant for Parish and Principal authorities, Mendip Council, to work together better, looking to develop services, Mendip failed to issue a Quality Charter, in fact they didn't even recognise the Town Council's achievement in the award.

This unsurprising as the Mendip Council did not meet a minimum standard working with partners, I reported this earlier, as judged by the Audit Commission.
So I asked for the Shepton Mallet Town Council not to use the Quality Status logo, the Council agreed, this a sad indictment of the failure of the current Conservative with support of two Independents Council.

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