Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Going on a dig

I attended the monthly meeting of Shepton 21 tonight.

The Shepton Horticultural Society will hold it's next meeting next Wednesday, with the guest speaker will be Guy Braga giving a talk on growing olives in Somerset.

Shepton 21 continues to look for a venue to hold a regular car boot sale.

Alan Stone told the meeting of a couple of interesting historical stories, the Shepton Local History Group are holding a Somerset film - mid Somerset show archive in the Academy on the 18 March, tickets are £5 and can be bought at the TIC 70 High Street. Secondly there is a new book, Fosseway - Britain and the Romans, with Peter Leach - archaeologists, who lead the dig at Fosse Lane, it's 96 pages, Alan says it's a good read, it costs £9.99 and again purchased at the TIC.

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