Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Planning news

Tonight's planning committee had a couple of issues that may of be of interest;
  • The Shepton Mallet Conservative Club want to insert a new shop front in Paul's Street to create a new entrence to the club, replace the flat roof with a pitched roof, and form accommodation in the roof space. The new shop front is similar to the ones installed in Town Street albeit with more styling. The snooker tables are to be placed in roof space, with committee rooms for meetings. The Conservative club also want a banner outside. The proposal seemed reasonable to me, but I asked that the banner should be removed as there are no such banners in Paul's Street or Commercial Road.
  • We Discussed the footpath diversion in the field below Princes Lodge, the Town Council objected to this diversion on the 9 December 2009, but this was informal consultation, so tonight we had the formal consultation, the Town Council reaffirmed their decision. The rights of way officer attended and confirmed the procedure for closure/diversion of footpaths.
  1. The landowner would approach Mendip whom manage this service for Somerset County Council.
  2. The Council would offer advice to the landowner.
  3. If the Council was happy that the proposed diversion of the footpath was acceptable, they would then conduct a consultation with the public.
  4. Notices will then be erected along the diverted footpath.
  5. The Council will negotiate with any objectors, but if resolution of the public complaint cannot be resolved the matter will be resolved by a planning officer.

Anyone who wants to make an observation on the diversion of the footpath by princes lodge has until the 19 February 2010, to Rights of Way officer, Mendip Council, Shepton Mallet.

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