Thursday, 4 February 2010

Looking Blooming Good

Just a brief update on this years flower displays.

There was a meeting this evening to discuss the way forward, this years displays should be much different, with the planters being in different locations to try and maximise the floral impact.

Hopefully there will some exciting news about the stone planter in Town Street, something that will have real presence.

There is a hope to unclutter the Market Place and use a lot of hanging baskets to make a dramatic burst of colour, with mauve, purple, pinks and silvers to dominate the area.

The changing sites of the planters should help draw people eyes into Town centre.

The other major improvement should be the entrances to the Town with the removal of the wood tubs with larger planters installed to give a greater depth of colour.

So, in the coming couple of months there is a lot of work to do, but weather permitting this years flower display in the Town, should be blooming good.

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