Friday, 5 February 2010

Silage anyone

I see Mendip District Council are to reduce the number of mowing cuts around the amenity grass areas in the Town to 10 cuts in the season, roughly this will mean the amenity grass that Mendip cut will be done once every three weeks.

In Shepton we are trying to improve the floral displays, but this will be undermined by copious amounts of grass scattered like silage.

Again, the Audit Commission stated that Mendip does not meet minimum standards in working with their partners, Conservative controlled Mendip should have discussed the reduction in grounds maintenance first with the Town Council, but due to their arrogance or incompetence, the Town Council were unaware of any proposal and have no money budgeted to do extra.

Our only hope left is a scorching summer, leaving the grass baked up and no grass to cut, this a sorry state of local government.

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