Monday, 11 January 2010

Who's Voting

Now we are in the pre election period, it would appear all the three major parties are looking for seriously to make deep cuts in public spending.

We know the Conservatives sees no problem in cutting £400 million from child tax credits, removal of children trust funds, ending sure start for deprived children, to name a few.

We know the Lib Dems have abandoned there commitment to enhance child care, students loans and pension provision.

We know the chancellor has said Labour will make the deepest cuts in public spending for 20 years.

It is also clear that public expenditure cuts will effect the poorest in the country the most, the poor depend on public services.

Political parties talk about efficiency savings and cutting costs, I was the recipient of the public expenditure cuts made in 1976, where the schools never had sufficient resources and students shared a book between three of us.

Again, in the the 1980s we saw our schools falling apart, hospitals at breaking point, with people waiting for years for operations, with mass unemployment.

I believe the coming election could result in a generational shift, towards less government spending and back to the voodoo economics of the 1980s, the prescription, of charity rather than of entitlement, a belief of the wealthy unburdened.

Voting will be important, the poorest should see voting as a way of defending there entitlement.

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