Sunday, 31 January 2010

Oh dear, more muddle

Over the weekend the Conservative opinion poll lead has been cut again Con 40% to Labour 32%.

After the confusion on the married tax allowance policy, with Dave Cameron policy only seemingly to help 6% of couples would benefit at a cost of £800 million.

Clearly this didn't prove to help the Conservatives, like when George Osbourne said he would cut working tax credits to people earning £50,000 a year this would save £400 million, in fact it would barely save £60 million, so if the Conservatives are banking a a £400 million saving then people on average earnings will lose there tax credits, if they don't where is the £340 million coming from?

I see today Dave Cameron on the beeb is now back tracking on swingeing cuts from day one if the country was daft enough to election him, his side kick Georgie Osbourne has said he would early action on the national deficit, and the Conservatives have stated that the governments policy of halving the deficit in four years is too slow, so once again muddle from the Conservatives in a panic from the opinion polls closing.

To quote Peter Mandelson " Dave Cameron is coming up with a nice flow of soundbites, rather than concrete policies". Mr Vince Cable has said "George Osbourne and Dave Cameron are sixes and sevens on the crucial question of how the deficit should be addressed".

Sadly, the Conservatives need to understand that you need coherent policies and not just depend on the government sinking.

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