Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lets Council

Tonight we held the first Town Council of 2010, I think it reasonable to tell people the issues raised, how I voted and the result of the decision.

We discussed the icy and snow of the previous period, Shepton being particular hilly, it was decided to look to invest in several salt/grit bins this would allow residents to apply in the snow.

I supported this proposal, a working party is to be formed, a delegated budget has been agreed, so if the winter comes back, residents should have access to salt.

We discussed the Cenotaph enhancement, we have now an approximated budget, it was decided that a golden stone would be used, the approx budget is £42K of which we have £35K and have to find the shortfall, we agreed to submit a planning application, this I supported, however I voted to apply for s106 monies from Mendip Council, but the majority of councillors wanted to discuss money later.

Collett Park fitness equipment was discussed, we were asked the concept and agree in principal for new equipment, I wanted to see the fitness equipment in a rank by the old railway line, the majority of councillors want the fitness equipment to be dotted around the park, so I voted against.

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