Friday, 29 January 2010


The public Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war took central stage with the former prime minister Tony Blair giving evidence today.

Tony Blair was steadfast in his defence of the policy that took Britain to war seven years ago.

The more I hear of this public inquiry, the more I think that it unneccesary, the information is in the public domain, those who believe Tony Blair is a war criminal won't be happy, those who support Tony Blair will agree with him.

The 24/7 media are working every angle, but nothing new is coming.

The scrutiny of the government that went to war, will be collated, a report will be written which the most informed could write before the Chilcot inquiry.

The Conservatives will try to exploit Gordon Brown evidence to Chilcot for political reasons.

Iraq like Suez will be remembered in Britain, but only time will prove whether Tony Blair was right or wrong.

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