Saturday, 23 January 2010

Not so Broken

In the wake of the terrible case that occurred in Edlington, South Yorkshire, where two boys sadistically attacked and tortured two other children, every decent person will be appalled at the details of this case.

These isolated incidents seem to happen, thankfully not to often, but of course it is proper to examine the role of governmental departments and how they can work better to avoid such tragedies in the future.

I read and see much of what is said about "broken Britain", but i'm not sure that is particularly fair, if you look at Shepton for example, Whitstone students achieved the best educational results the school has ever achieved, with every student leaving with at least one qualification. Shepton has a new sure start and family centre helping young families. In terms of the health service we have a health centre doing routine operations and our big hospitals are functioning very well.

In terms of crime, as I reported earlier crime and anti social behavior has both fallen this year and over years.

Economically, unemployment has fallen this month, it looks like were come out of recession, although times are going to be tough, without action to save the banks, the governments stimulus and the bank of England printing £200 billion to keep the economy running, times would have been more difficult.

For those who say we need deep cuts to public services, who would cut working families tax credits, those how would cut sure starts scheme, I say no, don't remove support from struggling families, help them don't brake them.

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