Wednesday, 6 January 2010

out in the cold

Today we had some proper snow here in Shepton, the sort we do not get regularly, a regular winter wonderland.

I took the opportunity to sort out my mountains of council and political paperwork, with it in bags ready for recycling.

Then at lunchtime a couple of recycled politicians, namely Mrs Hewitt and Mr Hoon tried to start a coup against the prime minister, but a very British coup, before the day was out it failed.

Back in 2007 the Labour Party elected Gordon Brown unopposed, MPs decided that the wider Labour movement need not be consulted in this process, they wanted a seamless coronation, my experience is that if you are given a position without a fight, you lose authority, and so it's turned out.

'Unity is Strength' an old fashioned labour idea, so, we can have no time for diversion, Labours narrative must be fairness with economic growth, sharing the ups and downs but as a country united in building a fairer and decent society.

Politically, we should draw our fire on those who seek to reward high earners above the rest, who would make savage cuts in government spending that hurt the majority, risking the recovery and those who believe they have a right to govern without having coherent ideas for the successful development of modern Britain.

If one thing is certain is that a house divided won't stand, Labour must be committed to winning and everything else is nothing. So, I conclude Mrs Hewitt and Mr Hoon are out in the cold.

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