Thursday, 7 January 2010

even more out in the cold

The current cold snap has seen our roads turn into ice rinks, pavements very slippery. All the schools in the town are closed for children.

So I hear on the news the Sainsburys supermarket chain are refusing to pay those employees who cannot get to work, but there generousity holds no bounds, employees have a month to make up the hours, to secure the employees massive incomes.

These Cathedrals to Consumerism are paying low wage to their employees, new employees are expected to work on Sundays for basic wage. At the same time supermarkets are making huge profits.

I do not believe it good practice for employers to dock workers pay, especially in such trying times, certainly, as night follows day, employers need employees to go the extra mile occasionally, employers cannot have it both ways.

Flexibility goes both ways.

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