Friday, 3 December 2010

Santa came to Town

Yes, it is true father Christmas came to Shepton with his trusty companion for the Christmas light switching on and celebration of the BBCs Turn Back Time.

The chamber of commerce and the Town Council continue to fund the Christmas lights, I believe you have to go a long way to beat our Christmas lights.

The evening ceremony was children singing, speeches by the BBC and Simon the Ironmonger came to help the carnival queen switch the Christmas tree lights on.

The rain held off and the Market Place was full of Sheptonians, so three cheers to the Legacy group for the organisation of the event.

So the 1970s will be the next decade to be remembered on our High Street, what a decade that was!

I remember the High Street redevelopment, (just), there was a nice collection of photographs on display today.

The end of the decade was the end of the post war consensus on economic management, to more free markets and less welfare state.

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