Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Library meeting

I met with a number of Town Councillors today to discuss further our response to the County Council's proposal to close our Library here in Shepton.

We have decided to try and arrange a delegation of representatives from the Towns threatened by closure of libraries to Eric Pickles. We want to ask about the legality of these closures under The Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964, also about double taxation of those Towns asked to pay to keep their libraries open.

This Friday Town Councillors will be out in the Town collecting signatures on the petition to ask the County Council to review this decision to close our library.

The best solution will be for the County Council to reconsider their policy. The first step is for everyone who believes the closure of the library is wrong is to sign the petition and then get their loved ones and friends to do the same.

In the new year we will be organising meetings with stakeholders to try and discover further facts, we will then have a public meeting to look at the options open to Shepton.

It is so important that everyone who wants to get involved in the fight to save our Library is given the opportunity to do so, our library is worth fighting for!

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