Monday, 20 December 2010


This evening I had a telephone call from the YES AV referendum campaign, asking me to take part in the campaign to change the electoral system.

A cheerful young lady, I told her at this point I could not support the campaign, why would I support an electoral system that is not proportional?

She told me this was the first stage in the process, I said it felt more like a grubby little deal for Lib Dems to get sell out in government!

She said the Yes campaign would contact me later in the new year.

After Fridays photo shoot with other councillors and public 'Save our Library', I awaited notification of change of agenda for the closed Community Development meeting tomorrow evening, to include the Shepton Library on the agenda, so after lunch I put in a request for the Library to be placed on for discussion as late business, I've yet to get a response.

The new year will see the cuts details become so much clearer, I for one believe some services are worth fighting for; services for young people, housing and educational achievement are very important, with so little time, my time will be placed defending public services rather than a none proportional voting system.

The next question how will I vote in the referendum? Good question!

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  1. I hope you will vote against any change. Surely a resounding No vote will cause this grubby coalition to fall apart (as voting reform was main reason why the Lib Dems signed up to the coalition) and we can have another General Election next year resulting in real stable government.