Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Is this why the young are revolting?

Young people are demonstrating again today, locally in Bristol and in London.

It is clear that young people are justifiably angry at the broken promises of politicians, it is clearly unwise for politicians to make pledges to students before elections and after change their minds.

For example, the likes of Vince Cable who signed the students pledge not to increase student fees, then stated earlier in the week that the coalition agreement was more binding on him then pledges to the electorate, to this week to him being the secretary of state introducing the increases to tuition fees up to £9,000 saying he may not vote for his Bill, but he may abstain for Lib Dem unity. A pointless technicality, as the Tories votes will win the day.

The Coalition governments proposal to cut the Educational Maintenance Allowance which is a means tested allowance of between £10 and £30 to keep lower income families in further education, families with joint incomes of under £30,000 could apply.

This allowance gives young people an opportunity to broaden their outlook on life, offering broader educational opportunities, so this cut will have a direct impact on the aspirations of poorer families. For more details http://saveema.co.uk/

But if we look at the cuts made by the Tory County Council will see 75% cuts in Youth provision in Somerset this means youth clubs and youth workers disapearing with 50% cuts in bus sudsidies and as there are so few services that are profitable and Shepton does not have direct buses to Bath, Bristol.

Are we entering a new era of young motivated people, politicised not willing to be grateful for what they receive, or a passing moment? Time will tell.

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