Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A quite planning meeting

Tonight the planning committee met, there were a few plans; a none controversial conservatory; the relocation of two bunded oil storage tanks on a concrete base, the only issue was making sure of odour protection.

There were two more controversial planning applications;

  1. 49 Compton Road - the demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 6 dwellings with access and parking. I was unhappy with this application, this application is over developing this site, I felt it was out of character with the location and far too much garden was taken by this development. The planning committee opposed this application on the grounds above, so over to Mendip Council.
  2. Domino's pizza - unit 7 Retail Park at Townsend - This was essentially a change of planning category - to permit food in this unit. I argued that do we need another pizza style shop in the Town, a national retailer that is ruthless in terms of advertising and promotion. Mendip did change away from food as this unit was used as the disabled shop, I argued this unit should be further advertised for none food use, sadly the planning committee did not support my proposal and are recommending approval, so over to Mendip Council.

1 comment:

  1. Domino's is a very bad idea. Litter is one problem - I lived beside a Domino's in Glasgow and it was a nightmare - with noise, smell, a weird collection of hangers-on and a constant deluge of litter - let alone the almost certain wiping out of the two local pizza delivery businesses in the Shepton. I seriously wonder what is going through the heads of Town Councillors who think this is what the town needs. Come May, all these councillors who haven't the beginnings of the slightest clue how to protect Shepton must be voted out.... Roll on that day!