Friday, 15 June 2012

Weekly update

The response to my blog on the community thingy has been very good, with the vast majority of comments of disbelief at the Town Council are continuing there plan for a community building.

The less public response has also been enlightening.

I have received emails from councillors and it is apparent they do not seem to understand what they are doing, in regard to the planning for the community building.

It would appear there is a email circulating that is at best described as a back of a fag packet idea for a feasibility study, yet having decided to spend £15,000 on a feasibility study, if you do not know what you are to do a feasibility on, how do you know how much it will cost?

It feels like a lot of scurrying around to dig themselves out of the hole they have placed themselves in.

I believe the public of Shepton Mallet deserves better than this, this council is dysfunctional, seemingly incapable of thinking beyond their blinkered view.

This morning I was part of a meeting that discussed the current Shepton Town Council groundcare contract.

The contractors have planted the beds in the Town, to my designs, I think they look good.

We have agreed to plant the beds up for next spring with polyanthus and tulips, although we await the cost.

The Town Council had planned to pay for two additional grass cuts in Shepton, the contractor told us that due to the contract extension with Mendip Council it was pointless to pay for these as the contractor is just cutting each town and then moving on on a rolling programme, if the Shepton Mallet Town Council were to pay for these additional cuts, other towns would benefit from the Shepton rate payers generosity.

The semi amusing fact is that our District councillors were unaware of this! What else are they unaware you may ask?

The Town Council has agreed to pay for the Town Centre weeds to be sprayed.

This weekend I will be reviewing the tender bids for the new Shepton Mallet ground care contracts, so happy reading for me.

The casework I've handled this week, parking problems, grounds maintenance issues.

That's my update this week.

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