Sunday, 24 June 2012

Predictable, Nasty and Tory

After Slick Dave opened the debate on tax evading comedians he has felt the slight heat because of tax evading Tory Donors and government ministers being named and shamed, Dave has now opened up the predictable debate on benefit scroungers.

The benefit of Dave choice is housing benefit, after restricting the under 35s to claim housing benefit for a single room, he is now proposing to remove Housing benefit for under 25s completely.

Dave like all good Tories like to divide and rule, he thinks it acceptable to remove all housing benefit for under 25s, but will not reform housing benefits for the retired members of the community, Dave understands that politically it would death to attack retired people, but politically acceptable to attack young people.

Most people understand that the housing benefit budget is out of control, but we have to ask why this is? Governments have refused to invest heavily in housing, this has allowed supply and demand to become unbalanced and imbalanced between tenures, when this imbalance is acute, prices rise, both in rents and purchase price.

Dave believes that the system currently sends the signal you are better off not working, or working less.

Full time employment is declining, with the growth in employment is in casual and part time employment, that is generally low paid and insecure, these jobs depend on in work benefits and housing benefit. Dave is so out of touch he fails to grasp that job opportunities are very limited, he is in denial about the double dip recession made in Downing Street by him and Georgie boy.

Dave sees the benefit system as the old poor laws, charity by the state to the work shy and feckless. Yet the welfare system should be based on the principle of social insurance.

Surely it is immoral for someone who has worked and paid taxes for near on ten years, who for no fault of their lose their job, be denied housing benefit, our benefit system is based on the contributions from taxes.

Dave and Georgie wants to appear tough on the poor, doing it in a way to use the Daily Mail speak, scourgers, work shy and feckless, it is understandable that low and modest income earners feel some sympathy with that sentiment.

But it is Dave and Georges economic strategy of austerity that has caused lowering incomes and increasing insecurity, shouting at the victims of their economic experiment, may get them applause, but will not tackle the fundamental ills of the housing market or the malaise these incompetent public school boys have resided.

Austerity is stripping skills from business, undermining those businesses ability to expand in the future, in yesterdays post, the HMRC were losing skilled staff, through redundancy and retirement, this restricting the HMRC's ability to collect tax, manufacturing and construction companies are no different, this austerity is hurting now and will damage the future and tax revenues.

Lazy Dave can stigmatise the victims of his austerity plan, his failure to develop the supply side of the economy and induce demand is more difficult, name calling is easy and sometimes popular.

Dave is a predictable, nasty and true Tory.

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