Thursday, 28 June 2012

We need disinfectant

Whether it is politicians, media or corporate Britain, there seems to be a lack of integrity in the higher reaches of the British establishment.

Whether it's politicans protecting their generous pensions, or expenses, or snidey comments against tax evading comedians yet happily supporting other tax evading singers, or members of their cabinet.

News International that systematically hacked people's telephones, had inapproporate relationships with politicans and politicans that were their cheerleaders in government.

Now we have the Barclays story of systematically ripping of borrowers for profit.

Confidence is built on trust, how can we trust people whom are not straight and do not tell the truth.

It appears we live in an age where cutting corners, wheeling and dealing is acceptable, where is the moral code that telling the truth is paramount seems at best an option.

Then of course when these people get caught out, there raw hide becomes very sensitive, the fact that businessman like Nat West Bank whom cause misery and concern with there computer systems, or Barclays and their borrowing little scheme the directors insult our intelligence by offering not to get their bonuses, yet this level of failure in public life, would demand sacking and resignations or even prison.

I am a great believer that the best disinfectant is public exposure, bodies that are open and accountable are those organisations that have less corruption, the MP's expenses scandal made their system more transparant.

Like wise if Leveson reports that a more open transparant media is needed and this is enacted by politicans then that will benefit news.

The problem of overly powerful corporate bosses, is they are unchecked, they seem to be above the law, they display an arrogance that they are worth millions, whilst telling workers not to have pay rises, cuts to their pensions and less good conditions.

The system will not change until people pressure the establishment for change to a more moral, trustworthy, open and transparant country.

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