Saturday, 16 June 2012


Reading the Independent today and an article caught my attention.

The article 'Draconian' judge says riot sentences were fair', this an article talking about the sentences given to people after last years public disorder, one sentence could my attention. District Judge Tan Ikram said "I can assure you, no politicians told me or any of my colleagues what to do. We applied the law."

The British establishment knows how to act, it acts to protect the establishment, whether it is Prime ministers doing the work of wealthy and powerful or it is the press barons protecting the establishment power and wealth.

It was obvious to anyone who saw the public disorder last year, that it was completely sickening, loutish behaviour that beyond decency.

Mr Ikram says judges got sentencing "just about right" and insisted each case had been treated fairly on its own merit despite the all-night court sessions and political outrage.

Having not seen the evidence, or condoning the crime, but on the face of it sending a teenage girl to jail for eight months for stealing a bottle of Lucozade and a bag of sweets during last summer's riots, seems to me more harsh than would be sentenced if not part of the summer public order problem.

This is one example of where the establishment is sending a clear message to the population, young people have taken a real mauling from this government, they have lost out monetarily and opportunity, with a disillusioned youth it must terrify the establishment that the disillusioned youth may vent their frustrations on the streets.

Politicans never needed to tell Judges what to do, Judges know their responsibility, protect property,wealth and the nautral order of things.

Should the judges not say the devil makes work for a million young people Not in Education Employment or Training, if people have a stake in our society they are less likely to destroy it.

Our country has become valueless, instead of society feeling responsible.

I remember a poem from school, to paraphrase heaven and hell were the same, sat around a table with long sticks to feed themselves, in heaven they realised they had to feed each other because the sticks were too long to feed themselves and by doing this everyone was fed and was happy, in hell everyone was selfish and could not help everyone to help themselves, they were hungry and unhappy. 

If those sticks were our establishment would we lock up our young people or would we contribute to give them a future?

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