Friday, 29 April 2011

Happy days

Today we saw our future monarch married and the British public celebrated. A happy day for all those involved.

One fact I noticed was that the Royal cleaners union PCS, was calling on the Royal family to support the cleaners call that they should be paid a living wage at the various palaces in London, currently cleaners are paid £6.45 a hour, the London living wage is £7.85.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said:

As the royals prepare for the prince’s lavish wedding on Friday, our members are being treated like paupers.

The royal family is seen as a major contributor to the tourist industry and many people visit London specifically to see the palaces. We’ll be asking them to show their support for the people on poverty pay who keep these palaces clean.

A little joy will go a long way, so lets hope the cleaners are successful.

The other fact I read today was the projected 7% annual efficiency savings for the next five years,(cuts to me and you) to the acute (hospitals) sector of the NHS amounting to £20billion, says Monitor the group that runs Health Trusts

Monitor says it has revised its estimate on efficiency savings owing to:

• A Treasury health settlement that "represents a substantial challenge to the NHS given expected demand growth".

• Significant inflationary pressures noted in projections by the Office for Budget Responsibility before the 2011 budget.

The problem for the NHS is it is conducting a top down fundamental restructuring and inflation is higher than expected, this a cocktail that leaves the Prime Minister promises on the NHS in tatters, just another broken promise.

A good day to release this data, as we celebrate a happy day for a young couple.

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