Friday, 8 April 2011

A month today

A month today the elections will be over. Here in Shepton we have Town, District and a County Council byelection. A year ago at the general election in Shepton the Liberal democrats convinced people to vote for their candidate to rid ourselves of the incumbent Tory. The Lib Dems promised a new politics, they were certainly 'new'. Within a week, the Liberal Democrats had supported a Conservative government a government that Gregory Barker a minister of state, said were making cuts that "Mrs Thatcher would of dreamt of" and they reneged on their promises on Tuition fees, Educational Maintenance Allowance and increases to VAT up to 20% and deep cuts to frontline services. The best the Lib Dems could do on electoral reform was what Nick Clegg called 'a grubby little compromise' AV, which is neither fair votes or proportional. Coupled this with a boundary changes to reduce the commons by 50 MPs, the figure that effected the Conservative and Lib Dems least and Labour the most, real new politics these! So to the current elections, the choice is now between a governing coalition and Labour for the County Council division, only a vote for Labour will deliver real change. Why was Shepton so ignored for years when we elected a Lib Dem at the County Council and a Lib Dem Council? Again at the District Council, why has the Lib Dems offered so little alternative to the Conservatives? We need to change the culture at Mendip, more of the same will not do, councillors who cannot agree or even work together, the best solution is to remove both and elect Labour councillors who will work to change Mendip to a listening responsive council. So when your told this candidate or that candidate can or cannot win, vote positively, vote for change, real change, don't let lightening strike again because a con job is still a con job even it's conducted by a lib dem!

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  1. You've hit the nail on the head Chris ... The 'happy clappy LibDems who wanted to be everyones mates donned the blue ties at the first sniff of power ...

    It is as Chris states ... ConDem or Labour!