Tuesday, 12 April 2011

First campaign report

The local elections are well and truly underway, officially over a week and despite a dodgy ankle, I can report that the reaction on the doorstep is better than any time in the last three elections.

There is the usual mixture of local and national issues.

The most notable in this election is very few are mentioning the Liberal Democrats in terms of support, although many have commented on Nick Clegg and from our canvass we appear to be picking up support.

I am always cheered by the positive way campaigners are welcomed even by people whom clearly do not support, or are disturbed eating or other more important personal matters.

Anyway, hundreds of houses down and many more to come, I am enjoying the discussion on Shepton's future, and thats what these elections are about, how Shepton moves forward.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck, mate... I can't vote in Shepton at the moment, because I live most of the time in Weston, but I'm thoroughly sick of the "points scoring" between a certain LibDem with his "Stand Up 4 Shepton" fiasco and the Tories... I've only met you a couple of times (last time was the count in Yeovil last time around I think) but I think you'd make a thoroughly decent County Councillor!! Good luck!