Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Party is nearly over

So, after four weeks of campaigning we are left with one day before polling day, this campaign has been really good, brilliant weather and thanks to the podiatrist (whom Grove House Surgery would not refer me, so I had to pay myself, the future of the CONDEM health service) the achilles tendons have held up.

I've lost at least an inch off the waist, so happy daze!

Somethings about campaigning always makes me laugh, my opponents leaflets are always entertaining, I'm sure they find mine equally as riveting (not).

So to the latest leaflet, i'm sure the Lib Dems who claim to have 23 councillors, yet on the Mendip district website the Lib Dem are listed as 20 councillors, so there caption it could be closer seems slightly disingenuous.

I delighted the Lib Dems are fighting the bus cuts, however the Conservatives cuts to our local bus services only replicated the cuts made the then portfolio holder Tim Carroll(lib dem) implemented in 2004/05, a campaign led by Dan Whittle the then Labour candidate for the Wells Constituency managed to reverse.

Then to the Lib dem call for change and keeping your promises, at this point you think credibility is being stretched to braking point.

Twelve months ago when Nick Clegg looked down the barrel of the camera and said he wanted a new politics, little did we know what the new politics was;
in Nick Clegg’s own words to Reuters "My eight-year-old (son) ought to be able to work this out -- you shouldn't start slamming on the brakes when the economy is barely growing. "If you do that you create more joblessness, you create heavier costs on the state, the deficit goes up even further and the pain with dealing with it is even greater. So it is completely irrational." So Broken Promise
When Nick Clegg told you of the secret VAT rise by the Conservatives, he would not support this. Broken Promise This not for deficit reduction but largely to fund corporation cuts to large corporations like BANKS.
When Nick Clegg pledged along with all his Lib Dems promised not to increase tuition fees and then tripled them. More Broken Promises
When Nick Clegg said he supported EMA, then it was savagely cut. More Broken promises
When Nick Clegg promised action against bankers, the coalition are taxing bonuses less this year than under Labour. More Broken Promises
I think you may get the picture that the Lib Dems and promises are not very compatible.
We know the Conservatives are just the same old Tories, one of their minister boasted they were making cuts to public services that Margaret Thatcher could only of dreamt of!
They are planning a wholesale privatisation of the NHS, postponed by the local elections. The wholesale marketisation of Education. The increases of regressive taxes like VAT, same old same old, but these policies can only be implemented with the Lib Dems support.

I glad the lib Dems have highlighted fly tipping, I see this problem has already started with rubble being tipped at Lamberts Hill and the Old Wells rd, a none sense policy by the conservatives of charging for waste disposal. So why if Fly tipping is such a problem, did the Lib Dems fly post their elections posters in town, if you are campaigning on an issue, why do something that leaves you open to the charge of hypocrisy?

The Conservatives management of Mendip is again in question, with the Town Clerk writing to Mendip complaining that customers of having to wait between 15 minutes and 30 minutes for telephone calls to be answered, do MDC have shares in telecommunication companies or have they cut so much a basic service beneath them?

The Time has come for real change.

VOTE INCHLEY, for County, Mendip and Town Councils (in Shepton West)
VOTE GILHAM, for District and Town Councils (in Shepton West)
Vote Hurrell and Towner for Town Council (in Shepton West)
Vote Morgan & Towner in the Mendip Council (in Shepton East)
Vote Morgan and Ashton for Town Council (in Shepton East)

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