Monday, 7 December 2009

"we're all doomed"

This afternoon I had the undoubted pleasure of attending a meeting at Mendip Council to discuss how we could spend the remainder of the s106 monies from the Tescos planning decisions, I thought this included the dobbies s106 and the THi.

I thought we are getting somewhere, and thought this a good initiative by Cllr Jeanette Marsh.

So when we sat down at 4.00pm and told we would only talk about the Tesco money and let's finish by 5.00pm, I thought ok.

My view on regeneration that there are three strands put simplistically;
  1. Improve the environment, Town Street through High Street North needs resurfacing. The lighting needs attention and the entrances into the High Street needs work from the car parks. An enhanced Marketplace with new seating.
  2. The Town centre needs promoting and hold more events to encourage footfall.
  3. Business support to allow businesses to run efficient businesses.

The Officer suggested that an Urban Design study, I thought this was reasonable, as this would draw in the strands above, this did not meet with the approval of our district councillors, we then spent an hour talking about entrances into the Town Centre, lighting, seating until another officer stated in fact we'd gone around in circles to get back to a design study, I think they agreed to look at each of the issues.

All I could think was these people cannot think strategically, their officers tell them they do not the expertise on urban design, so we muddle through.

I left the meeting thinking of old Mr Frazer (dads army) "we're all doomed".

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