Thursday, 3 December 2009

Speeding all the way

Over the two previous years some really good road safety work has been done in Waterloo Road.

We finally had flashing lights installed to warn motorists of the school entrance, we had new painted lines to visually warn motorists to try to moderate speed. There was a community speedwatch operating and a Speed Indicator Device (SiD) by the school.

All these measures came from the Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings, the community had asked and the relevant authorities delivered, simply, local government working.

All these measures had some success, but of course there are a hardcore of motorist who will not slow down and believe they do not have to comply with sensible speeding limits, 30mph in a road where there is a infants school.

The tradegy is now, Conservative councillors has removed funding for the SiD, the community speedwatch has ceased to operate.

I will be calling for the SiD to be funded by the Town Council, also I will continue to call for the police to enforce the speed limit.

The real solution to the problem of speeding outside the school would be a pedestrian crossing, but perversely the County Council will not fund, because the speed of traffic is to fast.

The school has repeatly tried to employ a lollipop crossing person, but the road is too dangerous for people to feel safe doing the job.

So I will continue to campaign for;
  1. Funding for the SiD in Waterloo Road
  2. Police to enforce speed limits
  3. A pedistrian crossing outside the school and associated traffic calming measures

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