Thursday, 10 December 2009

denial anyone

So the Comprehensive Area Assessment have been published on OnePlace website that measures the performance of our local public services.

And surprise, surprise Mendip District Council does not meet minimum requirements of service and performs poorly.

No one should be surprised by this judgement!

Twelve months ago the Audit Commission stated that Mendip's Housing Strategy was poor, saying "(mendip DC) poor information on housing condition and housing need", pretty damning stuff.

So this week the OnePlace website rates Mendip not meeting the bare minimum standard on;
  1. managing it finances
  2. governing it's business
  3. managing resources

They are just adequate in managing performance.

It is reported Mendip are not doing enough to support the district through the current recession.

Mendip's partners are unsure what Mendip trying to achieve and have no way of measuring the results.

Mendip have very little judgement if they are achieving value for money.

Mendip has a higher level of homelessness than other Somerset authorities and too many people are living in temporary homes.

Mendip has no measure to know if there services impact fairly on the communities they serve.

Mendip are slow at turning around small planning application, these tend to help small businesses, helping in this time of recession.

This is how a conservative council is run, poor leadership that arrogantly concentrates on political advantage than running a high quality council.

It must be noted that Mendip Council are in a spiral of poor performance, they cannot claim additional central funds because of it this coupled with a small tax base.

The Conservatives are failing, but there failure is hurting the local residents.

It's certainly time for change here in Mendip.

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