Sunday, 31 March 2013

What happened to the crosssing?

Eight years ago, the Town Council supported a campaign by the Infants School in Waterloo Road to achieve a pedestrian crossing and a 20mph zone for children safety.

I wrote
"I would like to give my wholehearted support to the campaign to improve road safety in Waterloo road, led by the Shepton Mallet Infants School.

The Shepton Mallet Town Council pays for the lolly pop person to help mothers and children cross Waterloo Road, but is of great concern that the County Council has never installed yellow flashing lights to raise awareness of drivers of an imminent danger.

The Shepton Mallet Town Council also support the implementation of a 20mph speed limit to be introduced by the School, but only to be operational in the hours of school and supports a weight restriction keeping heavy lorries away from young children and their mothers. I also support the community speed watch, I was sorry I was away when the training day was conducted; I see this as a useful tool to control speed.

It is clear that the County Council allow pelican crossings near schools as many years ago one was sited at the Liberty in Wells for the Cathedral School.

This call for a pelican crossing has been made on and off for over twenty years and certainly all my adult life, in some way it was a pity the District Council could not have sought planning gain with the development next to the school, to pay for the pelican crossing as there will be more traffic movements at school times.

The real tragedy is that the County Council will do nothing at the crossing by the school, until there is a tragedy for a young child or family."

Since that letter, flashing lights have been installed and some paint has been applied to the road. This occurred when I chaired the PACT process and was achieved with the support of Police

I did a community speedwatch, but due to abuse by motorist and the perceived lack of action once data had been sent to the police, this speedwatch folded.

The then Conservative councillor and MP both said it was imperative that a crossing was installed, enough to get them through the County Council Election.

We still await the crossing.

A similar situation occurred outside Whitstone school, Eight years ago the pedestrian crossing was promised in 90 days, despite a legal agreement with McCarthy Stone, we still await the crossing.

I guess it is easy for people to feel contemptuous about local politics, why has these pedestrian crossing not been installed? They were imperative, answers please?

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