Friday, 15 March 2013

Getting on with it

Today I held a meeting with the Town Council's contractor, with regard to Collett Park.

We have drawn up this years tree work programme, it is unfortunate that it looks like there are a number of trees that will be removed due to disease.

The reassuring thing is that there is little difference in tree survey from last year, there are a couple of big trees that will be scanned to look at it's safety, I hope this proves that the large oak in particular will survive.

We have a new Town ranger, and we have asked him to draw up a report on the condition of the Park.

What is clear that the Park toilets need work, the plumbing needs investigation and sanitary issues. I have asked Landscape to give a report to give to Council, some of the issues raised have to be resolved.

The Park dog bins need replacing in the park and we have agreed this should proceed, this was the least enjoyable discussion of the day!

We have asked the Town ranger to bring forward designs for new planting in the Park, in the next few years the Park should become more interesting in terms of planting.

The floral displays in the town next year is going to be Blue, Yellow with White and Silver for the summer.

We have made good progress with the contract and the Park is looking good, but we want to improve the shrubberies and look to achieve Green Flag status, this is to say the Park is kept in good condition and has a management plan to improve the park, this in turn should lead to improved opportunities for external funding.

The final point is there is a need to make the play equipment better, but this will need external funding, but we are looking forward.

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