Thursday, 7 March 2013

I never fancied TINA

The Prime minister has once again said There Is No Alternative (TINA) to the Conservative Liberal Democrat government economic handling of the country.

I have never fancied TINA, she is pretty deaf, turns a blind eye and does do what she says she will do.

 Vince Cable today called for government investment in housing and infrastructure projects to allow the country to take advantage of any future recovery in our economy, the Prime minister says there is no "magic money tree", yet he like TINA forgets he will now borrow £212 Billion more than he said and more than Labour proposed to do.

Mr Cameron forgets that the reason for the downgrade from AAA was lack of growth in our economy and Moodys could not see how the country was going to generate income to pay down the deficit.

This judgement is stating the obvious, this week we have seen manufacturing in recession and construction continuing to struggle, there has to be an alternative to this.

The Prime minister sent his Chancellor to Europe to stop bank bonuses, the same institutions who played roulette with our economies, there has to be an alternative to this.

This week the parliamentary ending of the Agricultural wages Board (AWB) was debated, this giving agricultural workers minimum standards of pay and conditions, these workers earn between £14 and 18,000 a year, the AWB has been an effective mechanism for collective bargaining since 1948, has ensured the good industrial relations vital in an industry where employer and employee work side by side.

Like the Beecroft espisode this government tries to reduce workers rights, makes employment less secure, this cocktail leads to insecurity and less wages and this leads to low growth, there has to be an alternative to this.

TINA is not attractive, stagflation, high cost of living and falling income is not a policy of deficit reduction, a policy that does not engender hope or confidence, either in businesses or ordinary people, if there is no alternative to this, then please Mr Cameron exit stage left.

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