Saturday, 7 July 2012

Weekly update

This week has proved to be another busy week.

The Town Council's groundcare contract is up for renewal and the Council is in the process of procuring a new contract. This is currently being run in conjunction with Mendip Council.

On Monday evening I spent the evening re reading all the paperwork and revising the current groundcare issues to produce a question bank of questions so when I showed the respective firms around the Town Councils grounds I could score each company in a transparent way.

Tuesday was the ill fated Council Meeting, I can safely say I have never attended such a angry council meeting, A councillor refusing to answer straight forward questions, another councillor using private emails, there is no doubt the Town Council needs to pull itself back from the brink of implosion, will it? We'll see.

Wednesday evening I spent time dealing with my Internet Service Provider attempting to deal with the security of my account. I fielded a telephone call from a constituent to deal with a problem.

On Friday evening I was hoping to attend a police event at kilver Court, dealing with their project around drug awareness, especially cannabis, unfortunately I was working until 10pm so I was unable to attend.

Today, I involved with a fundraising money collection for the new skatepark at Tescos, held a meeting with councillors on the groundcare contract, I also visited the Tourist Information Centre, I am the link councillor, to talk through all the issues with the manager.

I read 150 emails dealing with council matters this week.

I finished the day off catching up with a friend and realise how tame Shepton really is.

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