Thursday, 5 July 2012

Times are a changing

Today we saw further evidence that the country is thursting for change, yet our politicians are simple not up to that change.

In the same way back at the end of the 1970s the public grew tired with strikes and trade union leaders not in tune with their membership, today we have seen our government not take the big step and support an independent judicial review of the current banking scandal.

The tradegy is the Conservatives and liberal Democrats have placed themselves on the out side from public opinion, there will be more scandals with banks and those who support a wider investigation into banking will point to the timidity or worse of this government.

Government has to be in tune with the public mood, the public has utter revolution for the bankers, sickened by their excesses, Jon Mann the Labour MP said of Bob Diamond, the former Barclays Bank CEO, his annual bonus was equal to the budget of the largest homeless charity in the country SHELTER. The Chancellor of the Exchequor likes to say were are all in this together, but this is utter garbage and the public knows this.

If any individual was to commit fraud then they would be arrested, what's different about the ibor scandal? All in this together Bob?

George Osbourne is an utter disgrace in attacking Ed Balls in the Spectator, why does Osbourne not support a judicial review and allow his claims to be investigated? Why? Could it be because he is more concerned with politics, he runs the economy like he isn't in charge, he spends the whole time talking about (misrepresenting) Labours record. A posh boy whos out of his depth, he reminds me of a teenager who likes debating with having to take responsibility.

People are sickened by all this, people are genuinely struggling, they see a political system on the side of the powerful, a political system that is out of touch by politicans who do not live normal lives, this is dangerous.

Democracy only works when people buy into it, change is needed, democracy and transparancy is needed as a disinfectant, to clean up the times in which we live. Do we have politicans big enough to see that through?

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