Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Looking at the Independent an interesting story caught my eye, it is the rise and rise of Special advisers under this government.

It turns out that a list of 81 ministerial "Spads" released by 10 Downing Street, one more than at the end of the last Labour administration, includes 19 working for David Cameron and 14 for Nick Clegg.

Now in these times of Austerity, when we all have to tighten our belts and we're all in this together we see the bill for Special advisers is up almost 30% on the £4.8 million paid in 2010/11.

This money not helping anyone except ministers that promised a bonfire of bureaucrats, and Nick Clegg who told Gordon Brown they should be funded by their own political party,  Does Nick Clegg really need 14 Special advisers? Especially as he knows everything that he says, he will reverse at the earliest possible moment.

Sounds a bit like cutting MPs to save money whilst increasing the costs in the House of Lords, but that's OK Dave, that's just for political advantage, but not for your advantage Nick. And Nick you did get a referendum on the alternative vote, a system no one wanted.

I left thinking what is the point of Nick Clegg, Can anyone help?

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