Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Who's in Charge

If politics matter, then our elected representatives have to respond.

After the financial crash in 2008, it was politicians that saved banks and saved peoples savings.

Yet after saving banks, by using tax payers money and printing £200 billion to reflate the economy, you would of thought our politicians would exact some pay back for the damage to ordinary peoples lives.

However, with banks to big to fail and now, the financial dictatorship who say any threat to bankers will be a threat to the city of London, if Politicians exact a Transaction Tax or higher taxes on bankers bonuses then they will leave the country. So politicians will not take action on bankers, despite the revulsion of the general public.

Then we have the untouchables in the Media, the News of the World hacking scandal has been running for months, with the police dragging(to be polite) their feet, at times the police refused to investigate claims by Labour MPs.

The hacking scandal now needs a public inquiry, to investigate News International and the police investigation, this inquiry requires legal powers to compel witnesses to attend and answer questions.

Finally this week we have a government minister talking about British jobs for British workers, then the following day we have British jobs for German contractors, double speak.

We need for our politicians to tackle the vested interests, in the economy and media, this government seems happy to cut benefits to the poorest that will cost more than it's saves, whilst taxing bank bonuses less than under the previous government, cut legal aid for the vulnerable, whilst turning a blind eye to alleged hacking.

Were all in this together, get real, attack the poorest and protect the wealthy and powerful, what happens when the public rumble the politicians, the wolf whistles of British Jobs for British workers sounds dangerously familiar, without democratic control over powerful vested interests, people will turn to less main stream political groups.

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  1. A truely excellent article ... Extremely well written ... Very much to the point at the present time!