Thursday, 7 July 2011

NoW it's time

News International corp has closed the News of the World.

They claim this is the right thing to do.

The News of the World had used people who allegedly hacked celebrities, politicians, murder victims and bomb victims and fallen soldiers.

Years, months and weekly coverage of this scandal has drained the confidence in the News of the World, advertisers must also of lost confidence and they must have been telling News International so. So, whilst News International wish to bury this hacking scandal closing the News of the World seems a clever maneuver, especially as merging the News of the World and the Sun looks like the solution News International has been looking at.

We know the News of the World paid large sums of money to private investigators to hack phones and paid money to police officers.

News International want us to believe their editor did not know of this hacking and those financial transactions.

News International want to do the "right thing" by closing the paper and lay off 200 people, yet unbelievably "the right thing" is the then editor now the CEO of News International, continues in her job. Yet the sanctimonious media who claim government ministers must take responsibility for civil servants failings, by resigning, do not practice what they preach.

Are the Police capable of investigating this malpractice? I question whether the police are. They've tried to ignore then bury this malpractice.

Three things have to happens now;

A proper police investigation

A full public inquiry, investigating the practices of the News of the World and the failures of the Police.

A full review of the media and how newspapers operate and no deal between News International and BSkyB can go ahead until after these inquiries has taken place.

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