Monday, 4 July 2011

Silence of the establishment

Over the last couple of days stories in the national newspapers concerning the meddling of the heir to the throne in government matters.

The man who's position has been attained by the accident of birth and through no merit on his own, is now it appears using the exemptions afforded to him by the previous government in the Freedom of Information Act not answer the questions why he is speaking to government ministers and what issues he is lobbying on.

But the new rules mean there is an absolute ban on disclosing communications between the Government and the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William.

Campaigners called for an urgent review of changes to the Freedom of Information Act ushered in during the final days of the last Labour government which granted the heir to the throne – who is obliged to be politically neutral – an absolute exemption from the release of details about his contacts with ministers and senior civil servants.

The right to freedom of information is critical in an open democratic society, no better example than this was the MP's expenses scandal, we cannot be shocked by what the 'heir' to the Windsor throne is talking to ministers about, government by the people for the people, Charlie needs to know he has always been privilaged, but he should be exposed to public scrutiny.

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