Monday, 9 May 2011

All talk

The Labour Party tried today to sink the Conservative led government NHS reforms (read privatisation), these proposals are largely unnecessary and not needed the Royal College of GPs said they risked "unravelling and dismantling" the NHS.

Nick Clegg has said that he cannot support these changes to the NHS, so he could with his Party voted with labour to sink the NHS privatisation, he chose not too.

Is this more Lib Dem window dressing, remember, no tuition fees increase, tough action on bankers etc etc.

Nick Robinson the BBC political editor wrote:

The current NHS proposals were drawn up not just by the Tory Andrew Lansley but by his Lib Dem Deputy Paul Burstow.

They were reviewed and approved not just by the Conservative Oliver Letwin but by Clegg's soulmate Danny Alexander.

The foreword to them was signed not just by David Cameron but by Nick Clegg too.

So they are, to coin a phrase, all in it together when it comes to the NHS.

Nick Robinson Concluded;

Both know NHS reforms that go wrong could destroy their personal as well as political reputations.

I suspect it's too late for Nick Clegg

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