Sunday, 14 November 2010


I attended this years remembrance service at the cenotaph, the sky was heavy and the service conducted in quite heavy rain, this did not deter Sheptonians who attended in my eye in larger numbers than last year.

This week, I have another meeting to discuss the landscaping scheme around our cenotaph, we will be hoping to appoint a contractor to do the work, so next year, the works can be completed.

I am sure when the new pathing is laid and the new planting is made, this will enhance our cenotaph. The conservation departments at the County Council and the District Council have required the Town council to use the highest quality materials, this has made the project more expensive than first thought. It is right that high quality materials should be used to enhance our cenotaph.

The enhancement is to be paid from section 106 Tesco money (agreed with Mendip Council) and from Town Council budgets.

The Town councillors are trustees of the cenotaph, we continue to budget for the maintenance of the cenotaph and work with the 'friends of the cenotaph' to keep the memorial in good condition.

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