Thursday, 12 November 2009

A Very Special Occasion

This evening I attended and spoke at the presentation evening at Whitstone School for the class of 2009.

This year group achieved the best results in Whitstone's history.

The school has received excellent leadership from Tony Wilson over the previous three and half years, we have two very good deputy headteachers that were crucial in the changes that were needed to get Whitstone in a position where over 60% of students are receiving 5 A* -C and 93% of students getting 5A* - G, meaning every student left Whitstone with a qualification and importantly boys and girls fared well.

Whitstone School is an excellent school, each faculty has a computer suite, the buildings and grounds are in good shape, we have excellent staff and we have enthusiastic young people, the governors constantly review how our students are performing.

The students that come to Whitstone deserve the best, I want them all the opportunities available, at Whitstone with hard work and commitment, Shepton's young people can lay there foundations for successful careers, if we do that, then we have all done our job.

Well done the class of 2009, you have done yourselves, your families and the Shepton area great credit.

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