Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Planning matters

Tonight the Shepton Town Councils planning committee met to discuss Barratt homes plans for the grassed area between Maxwell Road and the older persons bungalows in Pullen, Wainwright and Castle Courts.

I have in the past resisted any development of this land, it is my belief that this land is a green lung within the Town, especially as in the Local Development Framework there are plans for housing development on the Ridge Road.

This planning application wanted to build twenty houses, including two, three and four bedroom houses.

The complicating issue is that Maxwell Road is an unadopted public highway, the developers have promised to bring up that road to adoptable standard if this application is approved, then pass the road onto Somerset County Council.

I have some sympathy with those residents, but in my opinion, this planning application is over-development, one proposed property blocks access to a property in Maxwell Road, I have concerns about the amount of green space within the development and possible overlooking onto the older peoples bungalows.

The planning committee recommended refusal for the reasons stated, this recommendation will now go to Mendip District Council for a final decision.

The easy thing would be to have agreed with the Maxwell Road resident association, but I would hope a better proposal can be brought forward, that responds to the planning committees concerns.

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