Monday, 23 November 2009

Regional Development

I was interested to read the Conservatives are continuing opposition to the Regional Development Agencies (RDA).

I simply find the Conservatives approach to be wrong.

A good Regional Development Agency can play a critical strategic role between the council and national government. I believe both the CBI and the Chamber of Commerce support that view.

Here in the District of Mendip, the South West RDA has ploughed millions of pounds into the old Morlands site on the A39, Glastonbury and Street Road, from purchasing the land, decontaminating, laying the services and now we see buildings on that site.

Let's be clear, our principled Councils could not afford this work, it is also clear that if there had been a Conservative government this work would not have been done.

The next step for me, is to create unitary local authorities and directly elected regional assemblies with devolved functions from central government, all part of decentralising power.

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