Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Chairman’s column 13/8/2018

One of the undoubted successes of the past twelve months has been the Park Run held in Collett Park. Shepton was the first Park run in the area, since the our park run has inspired Street, Frome and Midsomer Norton to establish their own events.
The Park run has brought our community together, it has delivered economic gains to our town attracting many visitors from all over the country. Edric and Caroline Hobbs won a recent award for the event of the year, for our Park run. Edric now an ambassador for park run helping other towns to enjoy the community and health benefits of the the 5km run. The recent new wine festival at the Bath and West attracted many to our town to enter Collett park run
It is really good to hear that Casper Clements is trying to arrange a junior park run in Collett Park very soon, to be held at 9 am on Sunday mornings over 2kms, for young people from 4-14 years of age. Tesco bags for life are helping with funding and it is likely the junior park run will needs to find additional funding. Cheddar has a junior park run that attracts about 40 young people, Shepton hopes to attract between 60/70 young people.
The town council after its recent success in acquiring Green flag status now needs to find a flag pole to fly our flag, don’t forget we need green fingered volunteers to help develop our park.
Helen Reader, Sheptons own fairy godmother has magicked the town’s fairy trail to number one in the Google rankings for fairies, the fairy trail route travels from lower town through the high street, into the park past the prison into Garston Street covering historic Shepton, with many visitors commenting on the history and interest we have in our town. My favourite fairy is Bambi Shimmerpop probably because like many who worked for Showerings enjoyed the years working for them, loving babycham. Again the fairy trail helping deliver economic benefits to our town.
Shepton is a special place and working together we can make it even better.

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