Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Chairmans Report 21-6-18

Last year, Collett Festival celebrated the life of Jo Cox MP when we joined in the national Great Get Together” organised to remember her loss. It was a reminder immediately after the terrible events at the Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester and the Westminster Bridge attack that we have much more in common than that which divides usIt also highlighted that many politicians are not out for themselves, but really do care aboutdoing what is best for their communities.

The Collett Park Management Committee held its latest meeting last week. We have been reviewing all policies that affect the use of the park and a working party has been established to look at the existing by-laws and make recommendations to update them. In parallel with our ongoing consultation on plans for the future of Collett Park, we welcome your opinions on the what by-laws we need and which are superfluous.

The Friends of Shepton Mallet Recreation (FreSH), the community group that raised money for the skate park and the BMX track at West Shepton Playing Fields, have offered to raise funds to improve the play areas in Collett Park.  Matt Harrison is leading this initiativeand has 540 members of FreSH and many more supporters behind this welcome plan.  Again it is all about getting to know what people want for their park. There will be plenty of opportunity to help FreSH raise the funds to replace and update our ageing play equipment.

The Town Centre Partnership also met last week. I recentlyconducted an audit of all of Sheptons street signageand found most to be dirtydamaged and in some cases incorrect and misleading. The town council has earmarked money to address this. Wnow have to decide which signs we need, which are just clutter, and then select a consistent and appropriate design thatcommunicates where locations are, and attracts visitors to the town.

June has been an exceptionally busy month, with Love Your Library Day, Collett Festival and the Charles Chipperfield Circus in Collett Park for the first time.  Last Sunday we had a really successful Sunday Market and currently the fairground is in full swing in the Mid-Somerset Show field.  Shepton certainly is the place to be!

Chris Inchley, Chair, Shepton Mallet Town Council

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